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Pho Bo – Vietnamese Beef Noodles

Hi everyone, I’m so excited to introduce one of our most well-known dishes – Pho (Phở) or Vietnamese noodles. Most of my foreign friends know about Vietnamese cuisine as Pho and they love it. It’s not easy to cook a delicious bowl of Pho but it’s not that hard, I guess. So I thought you […]

Bún Thang – Hanoi Chicken Vermicelli

This is the first entry I write in English and this entry should have been posted about more than a month ago but then there were so many things happened and I was so busy that I haven’t had enough time to complete. After all, I learn a very important lesson: Life is unexpected and […]

Rolling Vietnamese Pho (Pho Cuon): A different way to enjoy Pho

Hi everyone, Vietnamese Pho (Phở) or Vietnamese noodle is very popular to everybody, especially for foreigners. Anytime we talk about Vietnamese cuisine, I bet Pho is always the first topic. In other words, Vietnamese people are so proud of Pho as the spirit of Vietnamese people. To most of foreigners, Pho is a kind of […]