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Vietnamese shredded chicken salad (Goi Ga Xe Phay)

In Vietnam, we have a very special kind of chicken, which is raised naturally and so the meat is tender, but not tough, especially for the chicken breast. Those Vietnamese chicken (called Gà di), are small with the weight of only about more than 1 kg each. Eating chicken in Vietnam is sort of expensive […]

Gỏi mực – Vietnamese Squid Salad

There is no Asian market in the place that I’m living now. So it’s kind of hard for me to follow all the dishes that I love to eat like the time back in Vietnam. Sometimes, we come down to Denver, which is 2.5 – hour driving away from here to go shopping at Asian […]

Roasted Pork Belly (Thit quay hung liu) with Five-Spice Powder

Roasted pork with five spice powder is a very simple dish but I guest once you make it, everyone will love it. It smells so good that whenever I made this dish, my husband came home and said:” I know what’s for dinner now ;)” … The good thing is that it can be roasted […]

Xoi Lac (Peanut Sticky Rice) for Breakfast

For any Vietnamese who is living in a foreign country like me, I guess we all miss all the dishes that we have for breakfast the most. In Vietnam, it seems like so easy to buy something for breakfast. Fast, fresh, easy but yummy! There are so many dishes you can rotate to have for […]

Thit kho trung (Vietnamese caramelized pork belly with eggs)

Today is 23 th December according to Lunar calendar. One more week to Vietnamese Tet or you might also know as Chinese Lunar New Year. We celebrate the same New Year with Chinese people. Back to my memory about Tet, when I was a little young girl, Tet was the time that I was so […]