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Roasted Pork Belly (Thit quay hung liu) with Five-Spice Powder

Roasted pork with five spice powder is a very simple dish but I guest once you make it, everyone will love it. It smells so good that whenever I made this dish, my husband came home and said:” I know what’s for dinner now ;)” … The good thing is that it can be roasted […]

Hunting in the US (Part I)

Hi everyone, I was so excited when I received this article on hunting experience from one of my American friends, Tom Mattis. When I first listened to his stories about hunting wild game in Wyoming, I thought it was so interesting and special. I did know that shooting a wild game is not simple and […]

Xoi Lac (Peanut Sticky Rice) for Breakfast

For any Vietnamese who is living in a foreign country like me, I guess we all miss all the dishes that we have for breakfast the most. In Vietnam, it seems like so easy to buy something for breakfast. Fast, fresh, easy but yummy! There are so many dishes you can rotate to have for […]

Thit kho trung (Vietnamese caramelized pork belly with eggs)

Today is 23 th December according to Lunar calendar. One more week to Vietnamese Tet or you might also know as Chinese Lunar New Year. We celebrate the same New Year with Chinese people. Back to my memory about Tet, when I was a little young girl, Tet was the time that I was so […]

Bún Thang – Hanoi Chicken Vermicelli

This is the first entry I write in English and this entry should have been posted about more than a month ago but then there were so many things happened and I was so busy that I haven’t had enough time to complete. After all, I learn a very important lesson: Life is unexpected and […]

How I miss Vietnamese pickled mustard greens

When I started leaving home to study abroad and then moving to Singapore with my husband, I knew that I would miss some parts of Vietnamese food in my country. Surprisingly, those parts are not the big dishes, but the very small side dish that we could have in every simple meal back home. That’s […]

Rolling Vietnamese Pho (Pho Cuon): A different way to enjoy Pho

Hi everyone, Vietnamese Pho (Phở) or Vietnamese noodle is very popular to everybody, especially for foreigners. Anytime we talk about Vietnamese cuisine, I bet Pho is always the first topic. In other words, Vietnamese people are so proud of Pho as the spirit of Vietnamese people. To most of foreigners, Pho is a kind of […]