Homemade Fresh Lemon Iced Tea

My husband and I love Lemon Iced Tea so much, even under the temperature of – 30 degrees Celsius ( – 22 degrees F) right now. However, not until I came to the US, I could understand what the difference between lemon and lime is. To me, as my English teacher taught me, Lemon is always the bright green fruit. I had never known about the bright yellow fruit until I saw it in the supermarket and got the label: Lemon. Ok, so now at least I’ve got my English lesson back: Lemon is the bright yellow fruit and Lime is the bright green yellow fruit. In Vietnam, we don’t have Lemon, and we use lime all the time.

Lemon vs Lime

Though lemon and lime are the same kind of citrus fruit, they have different taste and nutrition. Lemon has more vitamin content while lime has more acid. Therefore, to me lime is more sour than lemon. When I tried to make iced tea with lemon and lime, I could not explain but with lemon, iced tea is much better. Why? The reason could be the taste or as I usually buy the mixture of lemon iced tea and fell with love with that already. However, Vietnamese people use lime to make a kind of lime iced tea, which is very famous in Hanoi. I would introduce this later in another entry. But now, let’s get started to make homemade lemon Iced tea!

Homemade Iced Lemon Tea

1. Ingredients:

  • 1/3 cup lemon juice (80ml)
  • 3 orange pekoe tea bags
  • ½ cup granulated sugar (or to taste)
  • 2 quarts water (8 cups)

Ingredients to make Lemon Iced Tea

2. Process:

  • Pour water in a large saucepan, bring it to boil. Put the tea bags in and cover with the lid. Turn the heat of and set aside for about 30 mins.

Bring water to boil then put the tea bags in

  • Pour granulated sugar, lemon juice in the saucepan after that. Take out the tea bags. Taste the tea again. Can serve hot right away if you’d like.

Pour in granulated sugar and lemon juice

  • Let it cool and pour in the jar. Refrigerate until chilled (usually after 4-6 hours) or you can put some more ice when served.

Refreshment with Lemon iced tea

It saves us a lot ‘cause now we don’t have to buy mixture of lemon iced tea. We can make it fresh and more important, we can adjust the amount of sugar that we put in ;) …

Isn’t that so cool? Let’s try to make it everybody ^^

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